SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible)

SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible)
SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible) SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible) SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible) SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible) SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible) SquareWear v2.2 (Arduino Compatible)
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This is SquareWear 2.2, an open-source, wearable and Arduino-compatible microcontroller board. This version measures 1.7"x1.7" in size, and has built-in LIR2032 rechargeable Lithium coin battery. It also has a number of integrated components (see below). It is designed to be sewable: you can stich conductive threads through the large pin pads, solder a wire directly onto the pads, or solder snaps onto the pads to allow quick attachment or detacthment from textfile and fabric. Best of all, it's based on Arduino, so you can make use of numerous available Arduino libraries to help build your project! SqureWear 2.2 is perfect for wearable electronic projects as well as general-purpose microcontroller projects. It's also a great little board for learning Arduino programming.

NOTE: unlike standard Arduino, SquareWear 2.2 does NOT have built-in USB serial, and will not appear as a serial (e.g. COM) port. Instead, it uses USBasp bootloader and simulates USB functions in software. Please check the SquareWear User Manual for details.

  • Micro Center (retail stores available in many US cities).
  • SeeedStudio (recommended for customers outside of the US).

Educational Discount is avialable with a minimum quantity of 10, and Bulk Discount with a minimum quantity of 50. Please contact us directly for details.


  • ATmega328 microcontroller running at 3.3V, 12MHz, pre-flashed with the USBasp bootloader.
  • On-board 5mm RGB LED to display color, and 8.5mm mini-buzzer to make sounds.
  • On-board light sensor (10K photo-resistor) and temperature sensor (MCP9700) for you to build light and temperature-aware projects.
  • On-board LIR2032 rechargeable Lithium coin battery to get you started powering your projects right away!
  • On-board 2.0mm JST jack for powering the board with an optional external LiPo battery.
  • Build-in mini-USB port for: 1) charging Lithium batteries; 2) uploading Arduino program; 3) serial communication (HID class, no driver needed).
  • On-board general-purpose pushbutton, Lithium charger (MCP73831), N-Channel MOSFETs (for switching high current), and 3.3V / 250mA linear regulator.
  • 8 Digital Pins (0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 13), 4 Analog Pins (A2, A3, A4, A5). Three of the digital pins (3, 5, 6) are internally wired to MOSFETs.
  • 6 pins (4 at the corners and 2 at the center) are extra large that allow you to solder sew-on snaps.

The package includes one assembled and tested circuit board, and rechargable coin cell battery (LIR2032).


  • A mini-USB cable is required for programming and can be purchased as an optional add-on.

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