Raspberry pi sprinkler control source code

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Raspberry pi sprinkler control source code

Postby kimbhoot » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:51 pm

Been a user of of OpenSprinkler pi for a few years. Bought the pi unit from Ray a few years ago but wanted to see if I can make another one for a small zone.

I bought a Raspberry pi (1) model B and a 4 port relay. Not sure if I need any other hardware other than my valve.
I found the site https://github.com/OpenSprinkler/OpenSprinkler-Firmware but wasn't sure if the correct files and version are there. I'm know a little about coding and have used linux years back.

Would you please help me complete this project? Questions I have at this point is, what lightweight OS do I need for the pi? what services? is a 2GB SD card sufficient? what code do I need to download and compile? How about the smartphone app?

Would appreciate some guidance in completing this project. Would be a great experience for me and my son to take part in.

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Re: Raspberry pi sprinkler control source code

Postby ray » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:32 pm

Hi, generally, OpenSprinkler / OpenSprinkler Pi related questions should be posted at opensprinkler.com/forums. There you will find more users to help with programming / source code related questions.
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