ESPToy 1.24 (ESP8266 included)

ESPToy 1.24 (ESP8266 included)
ESPToy 1.24 (ESP8266 included) ESPToy 1.24 (ESP8266 included) ESPToy 1.24 (ESP8266 included)
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NOTE: this is ESPToy version 1.24 with a color LED, LiPo jack and charing circuit. The demo software is written in Arduino with ESP8266 core. ESPToy no longer comes with Lua firmware. If you prefer Lua firmware, you can easily flash it to ESPToy yourself. We strongly recommend using Arduino to program ESP8266, due to its flexibility and memory efficiency. Resources on how to get started programming ESPToy using Arduino can be found in this forum post.

ESPToy 1.24 is WiFi development board for ESP8266, it comes with the latest Lua firmware and a startup demo:


  • Fully assembled with ESP-12E WiFi module and Lua firmware
  • You can program it using Arduino with ESP8266 core. If you prefer Lua, you can flash the Lua firmware yourself to ESPToy.
  • One color (RGB) LED, one push-button (wired to GPIO0, for bootloading, and can function as a general-purpose pushbutton).
  • On-board micro-USB port, CH340G USB-serial chip.
  • On-board 3.7V LiPo battery jack, charging chip (TP4054) and indicator LED.
  • Additional pin headers for connecting external components and breadboard experiments.

Package Includes:

  • One assembled and tested ESPToy circuit board (ESP8266 included)

Optional Add-ons (not included by default):

  • micro-USB cable
  • Additional sensors and modules

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