AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled)

AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled)
AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled) AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled) AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled) AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled) AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled) AASaver 2.1 (Semi-Assembled)
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Update: this is version 2.1, with on-board 5V/3.3V output voltage selector. Check the AASaver 2.1 User Manual for details.

AASaver 2.1 is available at Micro Center, with retail stores available in many US cities.

A versatile voltage booster for AA/AAA batteries. It can be used for USB charging, LiPo charging, as LED flashlights, and 5V / 3.3V selectable breadboard power supply, all from two AA/AAA batteries!

Technical Details
Output Components Any of the following: flashlight LEDs (seletable by a switch), breadboard pin headers, USB, or LiPo charger. The LiPo charging current is adjustable from 10mA to 220mA through an on-board trimmer.
Operating Voltage Startup voltage 0.9V
Output Current 500mA @ 5V maximum (actual maximum output current depends on battery condition); 250mA @ 3.3V
Input Source Either two AA/AAA batteries, or an external 3.7V LiPo battery (selectable by an on-board switch). Can also be modified to work with a single battery, or with a solar cell.

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