OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi)

OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi)
OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi) OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi) OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi) OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi) OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi) OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 (built-in WiFi)
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OpenSprinkler Bee (OSBee) 2.0 is an open-source, WiFi-enabled, universal sprinkler controller. It is suitable for garden and lawn watering, flower and plant irrigation, hydroponics, and other types of watering projects. It comes with a built-in ESP8266 WiFi chip, a 128x64 OLED display, a laser cut acrylic enclosure, and can switch up to 3 zones independently. It is primarily designed for latching solenoid valves, but can also switch non-latching valves (e.g. standard 24VAC sprinkler valves), low-voltage (5~12V) fish tank pumps, and other types of low-voltage DC or AC valves and pumps. All of these are powered from just a single USB port. This is why it's called a Universal sprinkler controller. It is made possible by leveraging a unique boost converter and solenoid driver circuit design.

Valve Compatibility

Hardware Features:

  • A single ESP8266 chip serves as the microcontroller and handles WiFi connectivity.
  • On-board 128×64 OLED display, real-time clock with backup battery, USB-serial chip. Can switch up to 3 zones independently.
  • Boost converter and a new H-bridge design that allows the same controller to switch both latching and non-latching solenoid valves, all powered from a single 5V USB port.
  • An easy-to-assemble laser cut acrylic enclosure.

Software Features:

  • It has a built-in web interface that allows you to easily change settings, perform manual control, and create automatic sprinkler programs. It also provides logging and program preview features.
  • It introduces Program Tasks to allow maximal flexibility in programming zones. For example, you can define arbitrary ordering of zones, have multiple zones run at the same time, and insert delays between tasks. Zone water time is programmed at precision of seconds.
  • It allows remote control through the Blynk app and Blynk cloud server.
  • Firmware update can be performed either wirelessly using the web interface (OTA), or through the on-board USB port with a USB cable.

Package includes::

  • One assembled and tested OSBee 2.0 circuit board
  • Laser cut acrylic enclosure
  • USB cable
  • (Optional Purchase) USB power adapter



Technical Details
Operating Voltage 5V (USB)
Built-in Components ESP8266, Boost converter, RTC, USB-Serial, OLED display, solenoid drivers.
Maximum # of Zones 3
Max. Current Per Zone 8A impulse; 2A continuous
Package Inclues One assembled and tested OSBeeWiFi circuit board, OLED display, enclosure, USB cable. (===DOES NOT=== include sprinkler valves).
Dimension and Weight
Size 70mm x 55mm x 28mm
Weight 100g (4oz)

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