OpenSprinkler DIY kit (2.1u) discontinued

OpenSprinkler DIY kit (2.1u) discontinued
OpenSprinkler DIY kit (2.1u) discontinued OpenSprinkler DIY kit (2.1u) discontinued OpenSprinkler DIY kit (2.1u) discontinued
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NOTE: this product is discontinued.


OpenSprinkler is an open-source, web-based sprinkler / irrigation controller for lawn and plant watering, drip irrigation, hydroponics etc.This is semi-assembled DIY kit version 2.1u, featuring ATmega644 microcontroller and injection molded enclosure. The kit includes a partially assembled PCB, through-hole components, and enclosure to make your own OpenSprinkler controller!


  • Intuitive User Interface: no more messing with buttons and knobs, no more running to your garage to make a single change to your sprinkler programs. Instead, use web browser and our free mobile apps to access OpenSprinkler from anywhere, whether you are at home, office, or traveling away.
  • Smart Control: our weather algorithm automatically adjust your sprinkler run times using real-time weather data. It not only stops watering when it rains, but also adjusts the water time on a continuous scale based on your local weather conditions.
  • Expandable: 8 zones on the main controller; expandable to 48 zones with OpenSprinkler expansion boards. Have more than 48 zones? Our app can manage multiple OpenSprinkler systems for limitless expansion.
  • Compatibility: OpenSprinkler is a drop-in replacement of conventional sprinkler controllers. It supports master zone / pump start relay, rain sensor, and it has buttons and LCD for manual control on the controller.
  • Open-Source: OpenSprinkler is built on open-source software and hardware. Its design files are publicly available on Github. Our mission is to educate and to leverage community wisdom to help make the best sprinkler controller. If you have technical skills, you can extend its capability any way you need.


Installation Tutorial

Firmware 2.1.0 Tutorial

Use OpenSprinkler t oControl Power Sockets

Download and Instructions


  • Power supply: 22∼28V AC.
  • Number of zones: 8 on the main controller (firmware supports up to 48).
  • Package includes one OpenSprinkler controller (transformer not included). Selectable add-ons:
    • 24V AC sprinkler transformer (we only provide US plug type, 110~120V input voltage).
    • Zone expansion boards
    • TP-Link pocket-size WiFi adapter.
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Technical Details
Operating Voltage 22 to 28V AC
Output Current 450mA @ 5V (to power external USB devices)
Built-in Components ATmega644 mcu, Ethernet controller, 24V AC to 5V DC converter, LCD, USB programmer, microSD slot, RTC with battery, rain sensor terminal, fuse, mini-relay, per-station TVS.
Power Consumption 1 to 1.5 Watt
Maximum # of Zones 48
Max. Current Per Zone 800mA continuous (@24VAC), 8A impulse / inrush
Package Inclues partially-assembled PCB, components, and plastic enclosure. (===DOES NOT=== include 24V AC sprinkler transformer or valves, which are available at or local home improvement stores). (===DOES NOT=== have built-in WiFi but can work with and power a portable WiFi adapter (see links below) for wireless connection).
Dimension and Weight
Size 135mm x 100mm x 32mm (5.3" x 4" x 1.26")
Weight 225g (8oz)

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