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Special LEDs
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These are special LEDs with built-in flashing chips. They will bring a lot of fun to your projects! Each comes in a pack of five.

  • Red Self-Flashing: connect it to a battery and it will starting flashing on its own at 1Hz.
  • RGB Color Self-Flashing: has built-in three color LEDs, will flashes and fades at a pre-configured pattern.

Click on the embedded clips to see a demonstration of these LEDs.



Instructions to build a simple LED throwie:

  1. Pick a Lithium coin battery (such as CR1220, CR2032).
  2. Pick an LED.
  3. Insert / sandwich the battery into the two legs of the LED, making sure the longer leg of the LED touches the positive (marked by +) side of the battery.
  4. The LED will light up. If not, flip the battery and try again.
  5. Use a small piece of tape to fix the battery and LED together. Use a double-sided tape to attach it to your shirt or anywhere you want.

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