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Payment Options

We accept direct credit card payment, or through Paypal. If using Paypal, it is NOT necessary to have a Paypal account: you can still pay with any valid credit / debit card without creating an account. The checkout process is secure and your personal information is safe.

Warranty and Returns

Assembled Kits and Components: Assembled kits and components have all been tested before shipping. We accept return or replacement within 90 days since the delivery of your order. Note that we CANNOT accept return if the item has been soldered or modified in any way.

We are not responsible for damage or accidents caused by using the circuits in unspecified conditions, such as applying out-of-spec voltage or power supply, power surge, incorrect wiring, leaving the product in an unprotected environment, or damage due to lightning, flood. In addition, we are not responsible for damage or accidents caused by software or program error.

DIY Kits and Components: We generally do not accept return nor provide repair service of any kind, except for un-opened kits, which we accept return within 30 days since the delivery of your order. If you’ve found missing parts or parts that are defective on arrival, we are happy to promptly send these parts, as long as you provide reasonable evidence that it is not your mistake.

We are not responsible for accidents that may occur during the assembly of kits. Everything you do while assembling the kit is at your own risks. It is your responsibility to get the kit to work and troubleshoot it in the event of malfunctioning, using information available on this site (e.g. schematics, FAQs, and user forums). Knowing how your device works and how to repair it is part of the open-source hardware and DIY culture. Please DO NOT ask us to fix soldering mistakes or repair kits for you. Every such request only increases the chance of us permanently discontinuing the DIY kits.

Before buying a DIY kit, make sure that you have the basic technical skills required to build it and troubleshoot error. These skills include following instructions, identifying electronic parts, soldering, making measurements with a multimeter, and a basic understanding of schematics and electronic components. Information about our products (including, but not limited to, source code, specifications, assembly instructions, FAQs, forums) is published as is, without implied warranty. We are not responsible for any malfunction resulting from ambiguities or error in this content.

Order Processing and Shipping

Orders are generally processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Once shipped, you will receive a tracking number or package number. Tracking status is available at www.usps.com. If you did not receive any shipping notification after 3 days, please check your order status online.

Note that even if you have ordered with Express mail option, we cannot guarantee same day shipping (although we will do our best by giving priority to Express mail orders).

Domestic Orders (within the US):
The shipping options are:

Tracking number is provided for all domestic orders. Delivery time is typically 2-4 business days (Saturday included).

International Orders (outside the US):
The shipping options are:

Note that if you choose USPS Internaional First-Class Mail Parcel, we are not responsible for package loss. Sometimes the package can take a long time to clear customs at your destination country. Delivery time varies by country, but 3-4 weeks are typical, and 5-6 weeks are not unseen.

If you prefer a more secure way to ship with tracking number and insurance, we strongly recommend you to choose USPS International Priority Mail Express or Global Express Guaranteed service.

Special Note for South Africa customers: due to the ongoing strike at South Africa Post Office, all USPS (except GXG, which is carried out by Fedex) services have become very unreliable. Therefore we only accept orders with UPS or USPS GXG shipping options. Orders with other USPS shipping options will be automatically cancelled. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Update: effective Jan 28, 2014, Electronic Delivery Confirmation is available for First-Class Mail Parcel packages to the following countries:

Using the package number you can check delivery status on http://www.usps.com. For additional details, please check this page.

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