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Monthly Archive for June, 2013

Good news to the OpenSprinkler Pi users: the same interval program firmware that runs on the latest OpenSprinkler has now been ported to OpenSprinkler Pi! This is due entirely to the generous contributions by Dan Kimberling, who ported the OpenSprinkler’s Arduino code to Python. The code is available for download at Dan’s GitHub repository. Instructions […]

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Hi, this is an alert to users who recently ordered OpenSprinkler Pi: we’ve found an annoying problem with the 8-pin ribbon / rainbow cable that comes with the package. Apparently many of the cables have disconnected crimp wires, causing the OSPi to not respond to RPi, or even worse, causing all stations to turn on […]

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2013 Bay Area Maker Faire Summary

First off, my apology for not updating the blog for a while. Right after the Bay Area Maker Faire on May 18 and 19, I went to a trip to the UK for about ten days. Then as I came back, I was faced with a load of orders that need to be processed immediately. […]

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