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AASaver Kit v1.1 is in stock

AASaver kit is now back in stock. There was a bit of delay in the shipping, but it has finally arrived! The funny thing is that the updated version (v1.1) arrived ahead of the original version, so if you place an order now, you will received the updated version, with additional features, at the same price!

Picture of v1.1

Here is the list of changes in v1.1:

  • Moved both flash LEDs to the same side so they point to the same direction.
  • Added an on-board resistor (R1) for the flash LEDs.
  • Added a separate flash LED switch.
  • Moved the power switch to the bottom side.

These changes were made to improve the usability. For example, the separate LED switch allows you to use it simultaneously as a breadboard power supply and flashlight (previously it was either one or the other). Also, the two LEDs now point to the same direction, so it can function better as flashlights.

The kit is available in my hobby shop. As I said, if you place an order now, you will get the updated v1.1 at the same price, until it runs out.

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