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Packaging Insanity

Last week I ordered a surface mount microcontroller from AVnet for working with a prototyping circuit. It came in the mail today along with a bunch of other components. All is fine, except, well, the packging for this one single component is really intimidating. Look at the pictures below. I’ve put a standard magazine on […]

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Post-Maker Faire Update

The trip to Maker Faire Bay Area this year was a great success. This is the first time that I participated Maker Faire as a commercial maker. The two-day event was completely overwhelming to us. I was basically talking to people non-stop: showing demos, explaining technical details, outlining future plans, answering questions, and of course […]

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A New Home for Blog

After being silent for a long time, I decided to resume my blog, and as a new start, I have moved my blog from Google blog to hosted WordPress. One reason for the move is that I plan to expand the blog into a more full-featured website in the near future; the other reason is […]

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Tesla’s image and Tesla coils

I was listening to the ‘Ask an Engineer’ show on Saturday night, and they mentioned that the $100 Serbian paper bill has Tesla’s image on it. A friend of mine happened to be traveling in Serbia, and so very luckily, I requested one from him 🙂 It seems this is equivalent to 1.29 US dollars. […]

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