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This post is a quick update on the recent development of ESPToy. I made a video and here is a brief summary of what I covered:

  • New version 1.22 which has added LiPo battery jack and charger (see previous announcement here).
  • New startup demo with more polished user interface and better reliability across browsers.
  • Overstocked ESPToy printed circuit boards (PCBs) available at Rayshobby Shop.
  • Comparisons with NodeMCU and Adafruit’s upcoming Huzzah.
  • Power socket modified with ESPtoy.

Here are some snapshots.


Here is the video. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Recent News and Updates on ESPToy”

  1. Roger Nichols says:

    I am using the ESPToy 1.22 with micro USB port. The init.lua program will not run on Chrome browser. I formatted the ESP and now Chrome will not even find the ESPToy on I found a wifi station script that did work well and even grabbed a gif from the web. Thank you for the work that you put into this project.

  2. Roger Nichols says:

    ESPlorer has a button on the right marked “FORMAT”.