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OpenSprinkler Download

Hardware and Software updates are now all released on GitHub:

Parts List can be found in the following spreadsheet:

Please follow the Firmware Upgrade instructions for uploading a new program to the OpenSprinkler.

Previous release on Oct 24, 2011: OpenSprinkler Demo Program
This demo program includes a manual operation mode and web scheduling mode. It’s currently not in the form of an Arduino library. Please refer to the included README for how to use this program.


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4 Responses to “OpenSprinkler Download”

  1. Bill Zdarko says:

    I am considering buying your sprinkler product. I have re-landscaped my property and am in the need for approximately 12-16 zones. These will control lawn sprinklers and micro irrigation sprinklers.
    My set up is that if I am switching a lawn sprinkler I will need to turn on my booster pump, I see that I can have this set as master and will turn on when each valve is switched. The problem is that when I use the micro irrigation, I can not use the booster or master switch.
    The second issue is that I would like to have a 5 second delay for the master to turn on, this will allow my valves to open with out the extra pressure that causes water hammering. The other issue with this, when a valve is going to turn off, I would like the master/booster to turn off 5 seconds before this happens so the valve can close with less pressure to avoid water hammering.
    So my best example can be this. Zone 1 is a booster pump on a 24v relay. Zones 2-10 are lawn, zones 11-14 are micro irrigation, and zones 15-16 are low voltage lighting.
    Zones 2-10 need to use the booster on zone 1. Zone one needs to turn on 5 seconds late and turn off 5 seconds early. The 5 seconds can be a variable, maybe 10 seconds but can be defined from the web interface. The web interface should also let you to differentiate between what the zone is set up for, booster, master, lawn, micro, lighting, or other.
    The other zones do not need the booster, even more, if the booster is turned on while the lighting is on will burn the pump out.

    I may have wrote a lot to describe this, however, I would like to purchase your product, but this would be a deal breaker if I can not do this.

    I can program in Java, HTML, VB, and a few other languages. I feel I should be able to write the code and include these methods or fields.

    Can you give me any advice.

    Thank you for your time.

    -Bill Zdarko

    • ray says:

      Hi Bill,

      I am working on the next software release and your first issue will be solved by then. I am changing the master valve control to a per-program basis. So each program (containing a subset of stations) can independently set whether the master valve should turn on or not. I am planning to make the new software available in a week or so.

      The second issue is slightly tricky but definitely doable if you have some programming experience yourself. It should be pretty similar to a feature I am working on, where the user can set a delay time between every two sequential stations, and can also set how long the master valve should remain on the cotnroller.during the delay time. In the data structure each station will have a scheduled start time and stop time, including the master station. So you should be able to fine tune the master station timing as you want.

      Another feature that will be ready in the new software is custom station names.

      If you want, you can buy the controller now and re-flash it when the new software becomes available. Or you can wait till the new software is available and becomes the default software shipped with the controller.

  2. Gary Giddings says:

    In the 1.8 firmware, it seems that the master station can
    turn OFF either early or late, but the turn ON can only be

    It seems to me that an ON early option (like the OFF option)
    would be useful (or even required) in some cases.

    For example, one might need a pump going to pressurize
    the system BEFORE the valves can operate.

  3. farmsat says:

    Hi i am lloking at set up a large scale smart hydrant system foe dairy farm i have won multi awards for y invention and how working on irriagtion for farm 200ha with 200 hydrants

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