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OpenSprinkler Firmware Update

The OpenSprinkler firmware is regularly updated to include new features and functionality. You can update the firmware at any time by reflashing the microcontroller (MCU). The source code is completely open and free. You are welcome to modify it and share your contributions through GitHub.

Upload a Precompiled Firmware

NOTE: The instructions below are obsolete. Please check the current firmware update instructions.
Warning: Uploading a new firmware WILL ERASE your existing program and settings. Please use the web interface’s Export Configuration to back up your settings and import them after the upgrade.
Driver Installation:

  • Linux and Mac users do not need to install any driver.
  • For Windows: please install the Zadig fully-signed driver (choose to install libusb-win32 driver). This works for OpenSprinkler 1.x, 2.0, 2.1, and for all versions of Windows.

Compile and Modify the Source Code

NOTE: The instructions below are obsolete. Please check the current firmware compilation instructions.

If you wish to modify the OpenSprinkler source code and customize the software, please follow the instructions below. The F.A.Q. page contains some basic information to get you started. The source code has been documented with comments. It is your responsibility to understand the code if you wish to make changes. We will try our best to answer your questions but cannot respond to all requests.

Update: the recommended method for compiling the current firmware is now through a virtual Linux OS. The virtual Linux has all the necessary software and settings pre-installed. All you need to do is to download the free VirtualBox software and use the virtual Linux image file by following the instructions here.

The default sudo user of the virtual Linux is opensprinkler and the password is the same as the user name.

If you wish to install everything from scratch: